New Space Opening Soon!

Exciting news…

The long-awaited brand new space on the main floor of Studio 4 is open for business as soon as next week! This personal-training exclusive floor will include some of the following rad equipment:

  1. Rogue Fitness
    We’re happy to announce that almost all of the equipment, from weights to racks to benches, is sourced from Rogue Fitness. It’s made in the U.S.A. so you know it’s good. ‘Murica!
  2. “The Rig”
    It’s exactly how it sounds – if gym equipment were to save you in the zombie apocalypse, you’d want to have a Rig on your side. Stretching 20 feet long, it includes pull up bars, monkey bars, bench press spots, and squat racks. Lift on!
  3. Sled track
    Take full advantage of the new sled track, and you’ll look like this girl in no time! (Results may vary.)
  4. Pegboard wall
    This is no easy feat, but learning to climb a pegboard wall can increase your coordination, agility, and grip strength. We’re super excited to try it out!

We can’t wait to see you one floor down from our original spot. If you’re not working with a personal trainer yet, visit our website to book your free assessment today!


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